Bonus Program

We appreciate all our customers without exception! But among them there are those who we want to thank especially for their trust and loyalty, those who stay with us for a long time. For such customers we are pleased to offer a bonus program, which allows you to save significantly when ordering new servers and renewing existing ones.

The idea behind the program is very simple: the longer you are with us and the higher your transaction turnover, the more bonus points you get when you top up your account balance and pay for our services. Each bonus point is equivalent to one ruble.

Please note that partial payment with bonuses is not possible. For successful payment or renewal of the server the whole amount must be either in bonuses, or in real currency.

Account status levels

There are a total of three status levels for your account and three levels of bonus rewards accordingly:

3% bonus rewards —
silver status

This status is assigned after you purchase the first server.

5% bonus rewards —
gold status

This status is given for the use of the server from three to nine months.

7% bonus rewards —
platinum status

Status for clients who decided to stay with us for a long time – is assigned for the use of the server for more than nine months.

As your account status changes, your bonus percentage will also increase. No additional action on your part is required – the percentage will increase automatically!

How to accumulate more points?

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    Welcome Bonus

    When you create your first server – we will credit the first 100 bonuses to your balance in our loyalty system.

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    Loyalty bonus for the service usage

    If you regularly use RUVDS services, you will receive the equivalent of 3 to 7% (depending on your account status) bonus points on your bonus balance from the server price for the previous period as a gift for your loyalty. Bonus points will be credited after the end of the calculation period of your server.

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    Bonus on large payment (not available for legal entities)

    If you make a one-time payment of the equivalent of 3000 rubles or more, we will credit additional points to your bonus balance in the amount of 3 to 7% (depending on the total amount of payment).

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    Gift points for your birthday

    On your birthday and if you have any active servers – we will grant you 200 points.

How do I spend my points?

Points can be used to order new servers or renew the ones you already have, as well as to pay the installation fee for the “For Resources” plan.

Terms of Use

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    The bonus program works for everyone who has at least one server, including test period servers.
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    To start receiving extra points, you must be a bonus program member. You can check whether you are a member by the registration gift on your bonus balance, or by the email of your membership status assignment.
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    Large payment bonus is not valid for legal entities.
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    For servers with “For Resources” plan bonus payment is available only for installation payment. Daily charges will be deducted from the main balance only.
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    For servers with “Cheap VPS” plan bonus payment is not available.