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Join the RU VDS partner program and you will be able to significantly cut your virtual server expenses as well as make some money!
Our company provides top performing virtual servers at the lowest price on the hosting market. Recommend our services to your friends or your website visitors and they are sure to get the best service.
Partner rate for customer payments starts with 15% and increases with the number of active servers of your customers and total amount earned:
from 0 active servers or $0 earned – 15%
from 30 active servers or $400 earned – 20%
from 60 active servers or $800 earned – 25%
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How does it work?
How can I withdraw
Terms of Use
Terms of Use
When sharing partner links and promo codes, please follow the rules below:
Partners are not allowed to share promo codes with each other
Any kind of spam is prohibited (newsletters, forum posts, etc.)
Ads should not violate the laws of the Russian Federation
It is prohibited to advertise RuVDS services for purposes prohibited by the terms of the Contract or its Annexes
It is prohibited to post promo codes on open internet resources where they would accessible to the public
It is prohibited to include the link into contextual ads and advertise pages containing the link, which accessible via search advertising using the words RU and VDS or VPS and their derivatives, both in Russian and in other languages
It is prohibited to use keywords such as RU and VDS or VPS and their derivatives in combination with promo code, discount etc. to promote your own projects (websites, social network groups)
Please note in case of violations of the conditions described above, payments may be denied. Thank you for your understanding.
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