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Storage System

Classic VPS with cloud storage

Unlimited volume
Low prices
in all
$10for 1 Tb/month

Configurations Info

DSS Start
DSS Start price plan is enough for FTP or a small cloud storage. It is tailored to customers who want to store data back-ups or work remotely with small datasets up to 1 Terabyte.
per month
DSS Standard
DSS Standard price plan is good for simultaneously launching several websites with lots of images or video files. It can help to create a testing environment and develop software, which require the use and subsequent removal of separate, independent and duplicate storage environments.
per month
DSS Premium
DSS Premium price plan is best for major projects processing big data that require large-scale storages with high accessibility. This plan is tailored towards those customers who collect, analyse and store constant new data flows from the web.
per month
  • Linux OS
  • Intel Xeon CPU 2 GHz: 1 core
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • 20 Gb HDD drive
  • Huge HDD: 1024 Gb
  • Unlimited traffic
  • IP-address: 1 dedicated IP-address
  • Windows OS
  • Intel Xeon CPU 2 GHz: 2 core
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • 20 Gb HDD drive
  • Huge HDD: 2048 Gb
  • Unlimited traffic
  • IP-address: 1 dedicated IP-address
  • Windows OS
  • Intel Xeon CPU 2 GHz: 4 core
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • 40 Gb HDD drive
  • Huge HDD: 4096 Gb
  • Unlimited traffic
  • IP-address: 1 dedicated IP-address
What does Huge Disk mean?
Big Disk is a service which allows the customers to get a full-fledged storage (DSS) from 1 to 18 Terabytes and the features of a VPS.
Quick start
It only takes a couple of minutes to create a server and the process is fully automated.
Easy to use
A full-fledged cloud storage with the features of a VPS. Enable the Big Disk service and the amount of data you store will not be limited!
Low price
Our price is as usual the lowest on the cloud services market. 50 kopeks for a GB or 500 RUB for a TB per month.

You can enable the Big Disk service using the configuration tool on the website’s main page. You just need to choose the correct switch and select the desirable size of your second disk.

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