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Tariff Start
Opt for a Start package for hosting small websites (with up to 500 visitors per day). This plan would also work perfectly for lightweight mail servers.
per month
Tariff Start Hit
Order this price plan if you need hosting for a website with up to 1,000 visitors per day. You can also set up an online shop with a moderate selection of items with this price plan.
per month
  • Linux OS
  • Intel Xeon CPU 2.2 GHz: 1 core
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • 10 Gb SSD drive
  • Unlimited traffic
  • IP-address: 1 dedicated IP-address
  • Linux OS
  • Intel Xeon CPU 2.2 GHz: 1 core
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • 20 Gb HDD drive
  • Unlimited traffic
  • IP-address: 1 dedicated IP-address
Tariff Popular
This price plan is perfect for hosting websites with up to 10,000 visitors per 24 hours and online shops with a selection of up to 10,000 items.
per month
Tariff Powerful
You can use Powerful price plan to host any kind of website or online shop with up to 100,000 visitors per day. It will also work great for hosting corporate websites and small file storages.
per month
  • Windows OS
  • Intel Xeon CPU 2.2 GHz: 3 cores
  • 3 Gb RAM
  • 80 Gb HDD drive
  • Unlimited traffic
  • IP-address: 1 dedicated IP-address
  • Windows OS
  • Intel Xeon CPU 2.2 GHz: 8 core
  • 12 Gb RAM
  • 100 Gb SSD drive
  • Unlimited traffic
  • IP-address: 1 dedicated IP-address

RUVDS hosting provider offers hosting of virtual servers
located in our data centers in Switzerland and Russia on best terms

Hardware Configuration
We present a selection between optimal packages and the opportunity to customize your hardware. You can choose required capacity using the Configurator on our website or send a request for customized offer to our support team at support@ruvds.com
You can choose the best pre-installed OS for your needs, whether it is Windows Server (2003/2012/2016) or Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/CentOs), as well as order the Kaspersky Lab antivirus protection and DDoS protection. It will guarantee clean, safe traffic and server stability.
You have two options to choose from. First, you can opt for a fixed price plan with reserved hardware and pay a monthly fee. Second, you can pay for only for the resources used, that are the actual CPU time used, the amount of RAM used, the amount of disk-related activities, and traffic.
When should I opt for a VPS server in Russia if I am in Ukraine?

Those customers who reside in Ukraine, but do business with Russia mostly opt for a virtual server in Russia. Thus they can ensure minimal lags (minimal ping) for their VPS server and their clients from Russia can have the best experience using it.

RUVDS offers all the advantages of remote VPS hosting for Ukraine. We provide our customers with the best corporate class equipment from our strategic partner, Huawei.

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