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Our company is an official Microsoft SPLA partner.
We provide dedicated virtual servers (VPS/VDS) for modern Windows Server® OS licensed versions. OS license is already included into VDS/VPS server price. When you order a server, you will be able to see its total cost.
Our company offers software rental rights
RUVDS has officially partnered with Microsoft for SPLA program. The main pros of Microsoft license rental using SPLA are as follows:
no capital expenses to buy licenses;
save up to 50% of the overall software cost per year;
pay only for the licenses used in the current month;
clean license and legal use of software;
access to the latest software releases.
You can also keep the previously purchased SQL Server 2012 licenses and shift to RUVDS with no additional expense.

MS SQL Licensing

There are several options of MS SQL rental available. The prices may vary and limitations might apply:
License per User. This is the easiest option available. You just need to know how many staff members will work with the database. Such an option is best for organizing a company’s internal functioning. One MS SQL Standard License Per User rental is $22 per month.
License per Core. This option is the most universal one because there is no limit on the number of users. You pay for the number of server cores with the relevant license installed. You need to assess the planned maximum load so that there won’t be any lags. License rental price is $396 per month for a minimal 4 core configuration and $198 extra for every 2 additional cores.
Web License. Used for public web sites. Licensing price also depends on the number of cores. You pay $24.64 per month for a 4 core server and $12.32 extra for every 2 additional cores. Attention! To provide database access to staff members, additional Licenses per User will be required.
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