RUVDS and Kaspersky Lab have partnered in cloud technologies.>
RUVDS offers its customers virtual servers (VPS / VDS) anti-virus protection solutions for modern licenced Windows Server OS on the basis of the Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Protection for your virtual server
Anti-virus protection is easy and does not require any additional resources for your server.
  • Quick Installation - Light Agent is installed on the virtual server automatically and there is no need to download additional software.
  • Full Control & Security - after Light Agent is installed, advanced security features, including application, device and web control, as well as heuristic modules and anti-virus protection for instant messaging, email and internet will be activated.
  • Optimal Load Distribution - ensured by intelligent task distribution system, which automatically groups and prioritizes VPS verification
Advantages of Anti-Virus Protection
System Monitoring Technology controls the behavior ofVM programs, swiftly rolls back malicious actions, and protects against encryption malware.
Network Attack Blocker (NAB) and Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) protect virtual infrastructure against most complex network threats.
External URLs monitoring protects each VM and its users from websites that do not comply with common security standards or carry high risks of jeopardizing company’s security, data and users.
Program launch & privileges control, including Default Deny monitors users' activity, so that only trusted applications are allowed to start on the VM.
Mail and web traffic protection ensures data exchange security and corporate users communication with the outside world.
Device Control provides reliable virtual desktop security when connected to a virtualized USB device or network printer.
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