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Insurance Plan
CyberEdgeSM program

All RUVDS customers
are insured by AIG

What does CyberEdgeSM insurance protect you against?

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Insurance Plan
CyberEdgeSM program

Cyber risks (risks of data operators) are a result of daily
information and information systems operations.

What does CyberEdgeSM insurance protect you against?

Losses Resulting
From Data Breach
• Computer system security violation which leads to data corruption/loss • Information corruption/loss resulting from theft or loss of hardware
Cover A
Losses incurred as the result of
modification or removal
of information
• As a result of a virus attack, the data has been irreversibly changed or deleted • A company's employee gained unauthorized access to information and deleted it
Cover B
• Corporate information confidentiality breach resulting from unauthorized access • Customer data theft resulting from a cyber attack
Cover C
Losses incurred as the result ofa computer
system security breach
• An employee copied corporate information and disclosed it, which lead to losses for the company • As the result of a hacking, client data was compromised, which lead to a temporary non-availability of the company's servers
Cover F
Losses incurred by the Policy Holder as the result of a
corporate information breach

Why choose free
RUVDS with AIG insurance

In case of an incident you are sure to receive compensation for your losses

Minimizing the crisis consequences caused by a data leak

Compensation in case corporate information integrity has been compromised

Examples of incidents which might
constitute an insured event

A company's employee posted information about a customer company on social media. The policy covers the fees of legal counsels specializing in cyber incidents employed in order to prepare for the investigation and fees of PR-consultants employed in order to minimize the damages to the reputation resulting from the incident.

A dismissed employee copied corporate information to an external storage device breaking information security regulations. As a result, the competitors got hold of the data base. The former employer noticed a decrease in sales and contacted a company that specializes in IT incidents investigations in order to determine whether any data had been stolen from the corporate system. The investigation determined that the employee had copied only sample documents. Nevertheless, the company incurred the costs of conducting the investigation.

A mail server and a disk with information belonging to one company had been stolen from the facilities of another company, an independent service provider. The policy covers the services of:

• hardware and software examination in order to determine which data had been stolen and by whom

• notification of physical persons whose data had been stolen

• monitoring with regards to the injured parties in order to prevent losses resulting from the data theft

• legal counsels specializing in cyber incidents employed in order to prepare the company for the investigation

AIG Facts
& Figures

$27.9 bln
in payments to customers, 2011
88+ mln
90+ years
in business
Risk Engineering
№1 in risk
analysis & assessment,
Celent Research 2011
19+ years
in Russia
CyberEgdeSMwas namedthe best innovative product, MENA Insurance Review Аwards
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