Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy discloses what customer data is gathered by MT FINANS LLC (RUVDS trademark) (hereinafter referred to as RUVDS), how the data is used, processed, stored, and protected.
Our Privacy Policy also establishes accessibility of a customer’s personal data and grounds for disclosure thereof upon request by law enforcement bodies or in other cases stipulated by law.

General Information

Our Privacy Policy is applicable to all customers and services provided by RUVDS.
This Privacy Policy is subject to amendments and changes at any time. Please check this page for changes from time to time to make sure you are aware of our latest privacy practices.

Information We Collect From Visitors

When an unregistered user accesses RUVDS website at, we do not request any personal data.
However, collects anonymous data which is usually provided by web browsers and servers, such as:
user IP address;
date and time of your visit;
webpage that you accessed our website from;
data on the information received and transmitted;
data on the web browser used;
data on your web browser’s language preferences;
data on time spent on our website’s pages and your activity.
This data cannot lead to the user identification without additional information which can be provided by the user himself/herself upon registration. The data is collected solely to help us understand how our visitors use our website (with the help of various metrics and analytics services, for example). For this purpose we may share this information with our employees, contractors, and service providers.
We can also disclose non-identifying information (for example, by publishing statistical reports on our website usage).
In all other cases RUVDS shall not publicly disclose potentially identifying information excluding those cases when RUVDS discloses such information due to the reasons given below.

Information Provided by Customer When Registering

We request the following customer data when an order is submitted:
first and last name, patronymic (optional);
first and last name in Latin characters (optional);
e-mail (required);
phone number (optional; but required when activating trial period);
gender (optional);
day, month and year of birth (optional);
country of residence, city/town, postal code (optional);
passport data: series, number, date of issue, name of the issuing authority (optional);
company details for legal entities (required).
The following information is also stored:
data and time of the request;
IP address and host name of the request sender.

Additional Customer Data Collected

While providing services, we also receive and store the following data:
IP addresses the user accesses his personal account on RUVDS website from;
IP addresses the user sent e-mails to RUVDS website feedback system from;
all data received during e-mail correspondence/service provision including, but not limited to, e-mails, correspondence on paper, telephone conversations recordings;
data on the user payment system account used to pay for the services;
additional e-mails and phone numbers provided by the customer in correspondence or received during telephone conversations.
When resolving issues related to blocking a server for potential malicious activity, RUVDS additionally requests the following information:
description of customer server activity required to analyze the afore-mentioned activity and to make the decision on possible server de-blocking provided that suspicions of malicious activity are cleared.
When issuing a refund for any unused customer funds, RUVDS also requests the following data:
the reason you no longer want to use RUVDS services;
customer passport data (scanned passport copy or passport photo to identify the customer in whose name the refund will be issued) in order to protect customer information and funds from fraud (in case of unauthorized access to customer’s account and/or mailbox provided when registering on RUVDS website);
information on bank account/card/e-wallet the customer wishes the refund to go to.

Using COOKIES on the company’s website

The website uses small text files which are stored on your PC or mobile device (cookies) when you visit the company’s website.
RUVDS uses two types of cookies: persistent and session.
Session cookies expire when the browser is closed, while persistent cookies remain in operation until their ‘lifetime’ is up (for example, the partner’s time limit) or until they are deliberately deleted.
RUVDS also uses cookies from analytical services such as Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica.
These files help RUVDS give you the best possible user experience, remember your login information, and save your language and currency preferences.
Moreover, cookies allow RUVDS to assess the efficiency of its marketing activities.
Every user has the right to disable and/or delete cookies even if the user previously agreed to use these files.
Cookies can be deleted by emptying the browser’s cookies storage (press F1 on your keyboard and search for the instructions as to how it can be done in your browser’s guide).
However, RUVDS arns its users that disabling cookies can lead to the loss of user’s preferences.
RUVDS is not responsible for the services unavailability due to your refusal to use cookies.

Customer Personal Data Storage & Protection

All personal information obtained from users during registration or collected while providing services is transmitted only via channels secured by SSL, as can be verified by customer web browser security tools.
Customer personal data is never transmitted openly (without encryption) over the network.
Access to customer information is limited even among our staff at RUVDS.
Only RUVDS senior management has full access to customer data, while other staff only has access to the information required to perform certain tasks (for example, tech support staff can only access data required to identify the user and technical data on the user’s orders, but accounting department staff cannot access the user’s technical data, account information, etc.)
All customer data, including confidential information, is stored separately from customer virtual servers, on a specially designated physical server.

Customer Changes to Personal Data

Every customer has the opportunity to make changes to the personal data provided at registration at any point.
However, our website history stores all the initial data and tracks all the changes made by the user, while also storing the date and time the changes were introduced.
In case the customer’s account is deleted (if service provision is terminated), all user information remains in the database; it is stored for no less than 12 months or even longer at RUVDS discretion.

Customer’s Obligations with Regards to Personal Data Security

Our customers shall safely store their RUVDS account access information as its sharing or compromising might lead to customer personal data disclosure without the customer’s consent.
However, the very access to personal data stored on the RUVDS website account (with the relevant access data) is a regular (normal) occurrence and does not constitute a case of customer personal data disclosure nor does it breach our Privacy Policy. In other words, if you share your password with someone, than you give them permission to view your personal data. Accessing customer data after entering the appropriate password is not a breach of this Privacy Policy.
For security purposes the user shall Log Out of the account upon exiting the system. This is applicable to public computers as we as your personal/work computer.

How we use our Customers’ Personal Data

Information provided when registering and during service provision is used for the following purposes:
to contact the customer using the contact details provided;
to identify the user as a legitimate customer;
to formalize an agreement or to prepare other types of documents, invoices, etc.;
to carry out statistical analysis of geographical and other customer data;
to verify payment details in payment systems;
to compile history for each customer.

Personal Data Disclosure

Data disclosure (sharing customer personal data which allows to identify the customer) is possible only in the following cases:
when we have your explicit permission for such disclosure (that is you have directly agreed to share all or part of the data) in the form of an e-letter or a paper letter;
when we receive an official written request from the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation which in accordance with the Federal Law № 144 On Operational Search Activities have the right to request such information (Article 13: the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service, the Federal Protective Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, and customs authorities of the Russian Federation). In accordance with the law we must provide the data we have to the afore-mentioned bodies;
when there is a dispute with a customer, in which personal data can be part of the evidence or proof. In such a case only the necessary part of the data is disclosed.
In other cases, customer personal data is not disclosed and cannot be shared with or transferred to third parties.
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