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Insurance Program

for legal entities

Virtual Server insurance by AIG

For €5,000


Price plans

AIG Start
AIG Standard
AIG Premium
Coverage Amount
(above the deductible amount)
(above the deductible amount)
(above the deductible amount)
Price for 1 month
W/o coverage of network interruption losses risks
Price for 1 month
With coverage of network interruption losses risks (with enabled DDoS and anti-virus protection)
Deductible for each insurance claim

RUVDS Cyber Guard by AIG insurance covers:

Unforeseen contingencies risks, including the insured’s response, anticipatory hardware/software expertise, lawyers and other services expenses incurred as a result of a computer system security breach due to, inter alia, a virus attack.
Expenses incurred in connection with customer notification about the incident, electronic data recovery, damages payable to third parties due to public disclosure of corporate or private data of third parties by the insured.
Losses incurred due to network interruption (applicable if the insured has enabled DDoS and anti-virus protection for the server included into the insurance claim).

Why choose the RUVDS insurance scheme?

Easy to use
Ready-made insurance solution and easy insurance procedure. You just need to agree to be included into the insurance scheme.
Insurance by AIG, the world’s largest insurance company
The customers are insured directly by AIG and appeal to the company themselves in the event of an insurance claim. The insurance is also paid directly to the customer.
RUVDS support
RUVDS will provide its utmost assistance and support in the event of an insurance claim.

To ensure the security of corporate data and infrastructure, we recommend our customers (legal entities) to acquire personal insurance from AIG.

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